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Yoga practice is a sysytem of connecting the whole self, body, mind, and spirit. Traditionally yoga was taught one-on-one with yoga teachers, passing their wisdom onto their students in a way that was specific and meaningful to each individual student. You will find during these joyful small group sessions within the bamboo forest a place to cultivate a sense of connection and community with others as well as yourself. Root your feet down into the Earth, stretch your hands up into the Sky, and breathe a breath that connects you to all Space.



  • Are taught outdoors at the bamboo garden ROSTETO, Praha 7 -Troja
  • 8 person limit
  • Please make your reservations ahead of time via text or email
  • Matts and yoga props are provided
  • Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers
  • A SMS or email will be sent for cancellations
  • All classes are taught in English, but the teacher is also able to communicate it czech

Classes - 2019 Schedule

First class/První Lekce: Tuesday/úterý 12. 6.

Children / Děti

Tuesdays/každé úterý 16:30-17:30 (Laura)

  • playful yoga & games in English for children (4-7 years)
  • Hravá jóga a hry v angličtině (4-7 let)

Adults / Dospělí

Mondays/každé pondělí 19:00-20:15 (Daniela)

  • Yoga for adults

Tuesdays and Wednesdays/každé úterý a středu 19:00-20:15 (Laura)

  • v Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga for adults

About classes

Classes with Laura are in English, but the teacher can understand and communicate in Czech/ Lekce s Laurou jsou v angličtině, ale učitelka rozumí češtině.

Class size is limited to 8 adults or children. To reserve a spot or for more information please contact the yoga instructor./Reservace je nutná.

Price: All group classes are by donation

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Private yoga sessions

Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level, in a quiet space, that could be more difficult in a large class setting. Depending on the students‘ personal needs, practice could include (yoga poses), bandhas (internal alignment), pranayama (yoga breathing), relaxation techniques, and meditation. Private classes are taught outdoors in the bamboo garden.

Price: Per hour 200 kč

Specialized small group yoga

Tailored classes, courses, and workshops for small groups of 2-6 people. Course ideas and workshops could include but are not limited to prenatal yoga, Yoga for children, yoga for beginners, yoga for spine and back health, family yoga, mother yoga group.

Price is determined based on the amount of students as well as the length of the course or workshop.

About the instructors

Laura Kocourek’s love for yoga began in the Green Mountain state of Vermont in 2007, where she practiced mostly Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga. Since then, she has explored and studied many different styles of Yoga including Jivamukti, restorative, and Prenatal. Laura sees yoga as a holistic practice, nourishing the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. She sees the yoga studio as a space where people can come to find community, heal, and grow. Always a student as well as a teacher, Laura feels an immense sense of gratitude for all of her teachers and students who have helped her along her yogic path and have inspired her to share the path of yoga with others. Besides teaching yoga in the bamboo garden, she also teaches Prenatal and Vinyasa yoga at the Zen Garden in Prague 5. Her other passions include, tea, herbalism, gardening, soccer, and spending time with her two amazing boys.
Daniela Plocková se vydala na cestu jógy v roce 2003 v Buenos Aires. Od počátku jí oslovuje tradiční jóga, tedy nejen fyzické cvičení, ale i životní filosofie. Miluje harmonizační účinky Hatha jógy, vědomé dýchání, klidnou mysl a protažené tělo. Inspirací pro ni je čistá síla přírody, přirozenost a upřímnost dětí, osm let strávených v Latinské Americe a meditační jóga s Radhou.


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